Why choose Lavender Home Care Solutions?

The entire Team went above and beyond to put a personal caring touch to my grandmothers needs during her last few months! Absolutely grateful to team and appreciate everything!
Mike Weaver (Google Review)

Your personal Quality of Life Care Team for your unique needs!

Lavender Home Care Solutions has developed our own Quality of Life Care Team to ensure that your loved ones can age in place for as long as possible. We dedicate ourselves to providing quality care to the family members that mean the most to you. This dedication means our caregivers are consistently supported in your case with on-going training and support. Our culture of continuous learning and improving quality of life offers you peace of mind. Happy Loved Ones, Happy Caregivers, Superior Care!

At Lavender Home Care Solutions a happy family member starts with the benefits of knowing that your loved one is going to be handled by a professional Quality of Life Care (QLC) Manager. Your QLC Manager will personally meet with you or your loved ones to determine their specific needs. We do this through learning about your care requirements, your life and family so we can first and foremost match you with a quality caregiver.

After we match and introduce you to your personal caregiver, we then embark on becoming more familiar with your care and lifestyle needs. We venture into meals you would love to eat, so we can make them. Hobbies you may have had so we can plan for them. Friends whom you lost touch with or only speak to on the phone, so we can plan a trip for you to meet them. We become a steward to better serve you where you feel you need it the most.

Your caregivers are then trained in your home environment, ensuring the level of care can be maintained. We understand that, as you age, your tastes and care needs may change. With continuous care plan checks we are able to change that care and training as needed to be proactive in your care. Each family member is treated as a unique individual with specific training requirements. A loved one who needs homemaking is much different than one that requires bathing. We make sure your needs are specifically met each and every day. Included in the team is our scheduling department, managers and the owner, who may contact you from time to time as a customer service check up. We become a caring heart for all families as we call to check on you, or just wish you happy birthday from all our staff. Our Quality of Life Care Team is made up of caregivers, the quality of life care manager and the scheduling team. Your QCL Manager will meet with you and your loved ones on a periodic basis so, as time passes, we can continue to offer only what you need, involving you in the process each and every step of the way.

24 Hour Care

Care is never convenient, and knowing you have a company you can trust to be there when you need it is comforting. When you become part of the Lavender Family, you have access to a live person ready to listen to your needs. Whether your schedule changes or you are just inquiring about the services we provide, Lavender Home Care Solutions is here for you 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

As Dayton's premier non-medical senior home care agency, we have been specializing in senior care since 2010 and have gained the utmost respect of professionals and families over the years. Our knowledge of continuous care can be utilized for everything from 3 hour shifts to 24 hour cases, post hospitalization care, end-of-life care in conjunction with hospice, or just a time when someone needs to get away for awhile. We offer peace of mind to families and their loved ones knowing full well that their needs are tended to on a one on one care basis each hour of the day. We take pride in knowing your family members are in our hands and we treat them as they are our own family.

Care depends on your needs being met and sometimes 24 hour a day care is not what you need. Allow us to come and assess your needs to fit your care requirements, all while performing a home safety check and much, much more. We work around the clock, because caring for you and your loved one is our job. So when an emergency takes place in the middle of the night, and we can provide you with the support you need. Rest easy knowing our live Care Coordinators are there to consistently provide you with outstanding customer service and advice at any time - day or night.

Technology Platform

We believe technology in home care is the future and can offer each family member peace of mind, knowing that our caregivers are being held accountable for their shift schedule. A commitment from Lavender Home Care Solutions is important to the well being of your family members. Knowing when a caregiver clocks in and for how long they are staying at their shift ensures accurate billing and, if needed, a replacement caregiver is provided swiftly. Real time monitoring allows us to handle issues in a proper manner ensuring your family member's needs are met.

We oversee all of our Caregivers’ visits by using our Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Telephony Software. The system allows us to log and notate scheduled shifts, and records their attendance in real time. If a caregiver has not arrived at their scheduled time, Care Alerts are sent directly to the scheduler's screen and email where they can work to reschedule and/or follow up with the caregiver. We continuously work to get your schedule filled!

Our secure Family access Portal keeps everyone on the same page with the services being delivered. We offer free access to our technology platform where families can review care logs and shift tasks, view future shifts on a online calendar, look up medication and manage the medications. Families can also pay bills online and store their invoices for use when filing taxes or for Long Term Care Claims. Watch our informational video that describes the family room in depth

Quality Guaranteed

Lavender Home Care Solutions has consistently raised the bar in ensuring the quality of senior care provided is equal to your family member’s expectations. The home care industry is unregulated in Ohio, which means hairdressers have more requirements by the state than in home-caregivers. We want your loved one to be safe and, with 130 home care agencies in Dayton Ohio to pick from, the scale of quality is very wide. Our guarantee of excellence to you is in our mission: To improve the quality of life of our senior population through our well trained family of caregivers.

Through our mission, we can continue to increase the quality of care from each and every employee to you. We do this by constantly reassessing each case every 60 days and updating the care plans as needed to ensure we can adjust to your ever changing needs. Each of our Caregivers has been carefully selected after successfully completing our 3 part hiring process, our 11 part background check and 2 days of training. Once a caregiver becomes part of the family, we provide them with industry-leading continuous training in order to ensure that they are well-prepared to provide the best care for you or your loved one before they step foot in your home. As unique as you are, your needs may increase or decrease. By having regular visits from our Quality of Life Care Team, we become your long term option for senior care services, growing with your ever changing needs.

Quality care comes from knowing you and your family. We are not a franchise and you are not a number at Lavender Home Care Solutions. You are a unique person with specific needs and knowing your birthday, favorite foods, and other details are just the beginning. Like any family, we care.

Caregiver Benefits

What is a caregiver

A Caregiver is someone who is compassionate, giving, selfless and wants to be part of a family. Lavender Home Care Solutions is an industry leader in finding the best caregivers possible to improve the quality of life of each client, while offering families peace of mind in the process.

Lavender Home Care Solutions is the premier home care agency in Dayton, Ohio because of its exceptional caregivers. Whether you are looking to gain more Caregiving experience or simply enjoy working with seniors, discover how working at Lavender Home Care Solutions can improve your quality of life, along with your clients’ lives, forever!

Why Lavender Home Care Solutions

  • We are here to improve your Quality of Life though support and an understanding of you, the caregiver.
  • We care about you, our family member! Employee of the Month receives Lavender Swag and a bonus for living the values and mission!
  • Schedules that work with your life, whether you're a mother, student or empty nester, there is a schedule for you!
  • Continuing Paid Education - we work hard to continually advance the process of professional development!

So much to offer and so much to gain! Come join our family of caregivers!