From Our
Family to Yours

It's not just matching caregivers with availability

We provide compassionate services to our clients as if they were our own family! Our dedication speaks for itself through the selection and training of our caregivers. A three step hiring process and two day training ensures that your caregiving family is ready to meet your needs. We also administer pre-employment drug tests and a 50 state background check to each and every staff member. But it does not stop there!

Matching our family of caregivers to clients starts from the first phone call. We listen to your needs, ask questions that guide us to whom we can send, then introduce each person to you before the first day of service.

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Providing peace of mind

Your needs come first

Each time we accept a new care giving opportunity, we start by carefully listening to the family’s needs and requests. For us, it’s about finding the caregiver who will provide for a family’s loved one as well as the family would themselves.

Dedicated to quality care

At Lavender Home Care Solutions, each care opportunity is championed by a Quality of Life Management Process. This way, we can ensure that your loved one is treated as a unique individual by our team through a specifically laid out training program for our caregivers. It must match our mission!

Each member is unique

Your Quality of Life Care Manager will get to know you and your loved ones. Identifying your loved one's favorite foods, hobbies, and care preferences is what puts a smile on their face. Personal history allows us to provide superior quality care, and find the best matched caregiver to improve quality of life.

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What Professional Development plan do you provide to your Caregivers?

At Lavender Home Care Solutions we improve the quality of life of our caregivers as well! We have a comprehensive training program for our employees that starts on day one! With our on-site training facility, online training and CPR certifications, we can provide a complete package that covers topics such as “Patient Rights,” “ Ethics” and “Conflicts”. Employees are provided with written policies and procedures during our 2 days of orientation and training. We believe training allows for our family of caregivers to feel more confident in the care they are providing.

Does the agency verify their employees? How?

Lavender Home Care Solutions goes a step further to ensure all employees are verified. We not only perform local background checks, we also perform 50 state background checks, pre-employment drug testing, reference checks, Nurse Registry Checks and even sex abuse checks. Our industry is unregulated and we must ensure that anyone who enters your home will care for your family member like you would.

What is the process of chosing a care plan?

By setting up a consultation with us, a qualified staff member will work to understand your care needs and will put together a comprehensive package that you can adjust as necessary. We then embark on our Quality of Life Management Program, which dives deeper into the needs of our clients for the long term.

If I have an issue, who resolves it?

At Lavender, our goal is to serve our clients in the most efficient way possible. When you call us at 937-660-6901, we work quickly to ensure your questions are answered and your issues are resolved in a timely manner and with good communication. We are always available to take your call!

What emergency procedures do you have in place?

All employees are instructed to call 911 first in the event of an emergency. Only afterwards will they contact the family and, finally, Lavender.

What is your billing procedure?

Lavender bills our clients weekly.